The Bat

The Bat

It is beyond any doubt that, the Bat is one of the most effective and sophisticated email clients. Moreover, it makes controlling vast numbers of mail a safe and sound experience.


  1. The Bat has capability to offer the strong filters virtual folders as well as templates towards email management.
  2. It is to be noted that the Bat offers an excellent plain text message editor which has potential to makes writing email a joy.
  3. In the context of secure and privacy, the Bat is most authentic email client.
  4. The Bat is seems to be little bit confusing as countless menu commands or options are included.
  5. The important fact is that, searching emails and relationships between messages could be sharp and easy.
  6. Amazingly enough, the Bat organizes accounts such as POP, IMAP.
  7. A versatile email search engine, strong filters; traditional labels of message and views of folder are the part of the Bat.
  8. In the Bat, there are some virtual folders which may automatically collect mail from mailboxes.
  9. Plug-ins and macros, flexible message templates utilizing rich text are in included in the Bat.
  10. It is to be noted that, a flexible antivirus as well as spam filtering plug-in enlarged by the Bat.
  11. Fully capable HTML editor and latest plain text offers by the Bat.
  12. In addition, with the help of the Bat one may able to obtain email reminders, as the Bat has its own notepad and flexible scheduling.


The one of the most significant fact that, almost anything automatically runs in the accounts of MS exchange email, POP and IMAP through flexible filters of the Bat. Furthermore, traditional labels, views of folders, folders of flexible virtual that may choose all emails matching certain automatically, in short a reasonable and systematic approach of the Bat make it authentic. There is another fact is that, the Bat has Mail Chat option that may function like chat but utilized the protocols of well-organized email.

It is beyond any doubt that, the Bat has capability to provide the great security with the help of various options such as blocking of remote image, interface towards anti-spam and anti-virus tools, S/MIME as well as Open PGP and encryption of local data images are included in the Bat for the purpose of giving an excellent security.

It must be kept in the view that the message editor is very strong especially when comes to plain text email. Moreover, the HTML composing capabilities are fulfill mostly all the requirements.