Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a full boasted, protected and very operational electronic mail client and RSS feed viewer

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird email client

Mozilla Thunderbird is a full boasted, protected and very operational electronic mail client and RSS feed viewer. It allows you to deal with email efficiently and with fashion, and Mozilla Thunderbird dribbles away junk email as well.

At the same time, Mozilla Thunderbird could be further helpful with exhibiting associated data, indicating marks or folders, for instance.


  • Aspects, marks, dribbles, bolted search and smart folders assist you handle email in Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Mozilla Thunderbird abolishes trash email (Junk) accurately applying Bayesian filtering and discovers scams, as well
  • Mozilla Thunderbird allows you render RSS feeds as though flows of electronic mail with filters, explore and tagging


  • Mozilla Thunderbird doesn't demonstrate associated contents, web sites, documents, posts, and so on.
  • The Mozilla Thunderbird RSS feed viewer could be incorporated more beneficial and offer up further force
  • Mozilla Thunderbird might be more than helpful by proposing marks or answer text, for instance


  • Mozilla Thunderbird copes with more than one (multiple) POP and IMAP electronic mail accounts and interprets RSS feeds.
  • An auto-discovering junk email dribble fires junk e-mail in Mozilla Thunderbird, which may observe scam contents too.
  • Email aspects, free-shape content labels and compromising dribbles allow you to form and prioritize beneficial email well.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird detects contents bolted and allows you filter outcomes well by date, contact and additional.
  • Explores may be preserved to virtual folders that mechanically combine crucial email in Thunderbird.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird offers up rich hypertext markup language (HTML) formatting conscious of your computer's protection and your secrecy.
  • S/MIME accompaniment allows you cipher and sign email in Mozilla Thunderbird (OpenPGP hook up (plug-in) available).
  • You are able to execute Mozilla Thunderbird from a removable medium like a USB stick.
  • A lot of extensions further grant Mozilla Thunderbird to extend its characteristic adjust (with a calendar, for instance) or better usability.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird accompaniments Mac OS X 10.4+, Linux, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Brush up

Mozilla Thunderbird offers up a jolly and streamlined user interface to a really mighty electronic mail software package. Not just is Mozilla Thunderbird a protected electronic mail client; not just executes advanced junk e-mail filter to smash out most junk email (and certain electronic mails enforcing scam maneuvers also); Mozilla Thunderbird besides assists you to form and find out the virtuous email.

Conciliatory aspects, free-form marks and cogent dribbles and virtual folders (which also function delicately on IMAP accounts and across electronic mail accounts) make it a click to deal heavy numbers of email. To determine the little amount of electronic mails required at present, Mozilla Thunderbird plays bolted hunt on a dashing interface: a timeline displays as the e-mails arrived and allows you concentrate on sure periods, besides; dribbles (starred, posted, attachment, and so on) exhibit and concentrate on the content type; folders, marks and, above all, contacts allow you focus on folks quick.

Unluckily, there is brief prompt interaction to be had on the contents hence detected. You are able to unfold them or open up the answers as if a traditional folder. To alter search measures, it is back up to the dashing explore page. At the least the two lists open up side by side in checks - which allow you hold checks on more than one (multiple) e-mails, as well.

There, as well as when you open up more than one (multiple) e-mails at one time, Mozilla Thunderbird displays a brief content summary, which could be improved condensing the substance. In the conversation scene, although, the summaries conveniently conceal quoted text. Unluckily, the view doesn't blend email by the Inbox and Sent, for instance, and Mozilla Thunderbird misses a method to conceal quoted text bolted in separate contents.

It would likewise be eminent for Mozilla Thunderbird to leverage its (trash mail) classifier to separate beneficial email more. It could advise marks and folders, for instance, or even text snippings for function in answers. Talking of crucial numbers, Mozilla Thunderbird could engage its telling search powers to display email, folks and affixations linked to the content you are looking at or compiling. It's reasonably hard yet to encounter previous contents exchanged with a sender, for instance: you've to bank on Mozilla Thunderbird self-completing the contact as you type it into the look for field. Consolidation with social networking web sites and web blogs is nowhere to be discovered either.

The hypertext markup language (HTML) accompaniment is near-perfect, naturally, but Mozilla Thunderbird as well merits congratulations for its delicately plain text editing. Common procedures for saving, editing and applying content guides are present and operational, as well.

Should you ever so need a characteristic not in the store of Mozilla Thunderbird distribution, a reference may easily render it.

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