Pimmy is very efficient email client and it has very powerful remote mailbox management tool.


The emails can be handled efficiently. The POP accounts can be managed remotely with the help of this program. The users can be able ton read NNTP news and RSS feeds. This program is easy and simple to use. The labels and filters are offered by this program for organization.


the message editor of Pimmy is not very powerful. The self learning abilities are not efficient and its filters need to be more flexible.


This program provides access to IMAP and POP accounts, NNTP news and RSS feeds. The remote mailbox management provides different features like delete, preview and messages can be answered directly at the server. The users can compose messages from many accounts with different signatures at the same time. The mails can be deleted, forwarded and downloaded by using filters with number of criteria. The users can set color coded message labels through filters. It provides support for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.


It is very good email and news program. It lightweight and small but still it has many features. The interface of this program is simple and easy to use. This program can be used like IMAP or POP account management tool with which unwanted emails can be deleted just before downloading. It can also helps in composing quick messages and replies and it is the best way to use this program. It can send messages with any address. This program has become very effective due to availability of multiple signatures. But still this program can not be recommended as regular email client. Its message editor lacks in power. The filters used in this program are very useful. The self learning abilities are not offered and it can become more flexible. The users can be able to use message filters through filters and by hands in order to organize mail and news fetched from RSS feeds.