Barca like Outlook can do many things through which you can organize your work and life and it is very good email client. There are no virtual folders in Barca.


You can have many features in Barca like spam filter with which you can be able to handle your emails efficiently. Barca is convenient and comfortable and it has provided great security and privacy protection. There is calendar, task management and diary also available in Barca.


There might be feelings of sluggish in Barca. The smart folders can not be set up in Barca. There is no support available for secure messaging in it.


The users can be able to access multiple IMAP and POP accounts and Usenet newsgroups with the help of Barca. The incoming and outgoing mails can be handled automatically with versatile filter and it completely scriptable as well. The junk emails can be detected effectively and precisely with combination of rules based spam filters and Bayesian. The users can compose plain text emails as well as formatted emails and its editor is powerful. It also protects your privacy and security with blocking remote images and sanitizing emails. The messages can be marked with custom flags in order to see certain emails in any folder. The mails which are stored on disk can be encrypted and there is password protection available in Barca interface. There are group/shared calendars, planner, task management and diary available in Barca. It can support Windows 98, ME, NT, 200, 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.


It is common for Outlook to pursue in which entire life is kept. It can help to organize the same with varying success. Outlook is very good as email client but not very good. Barca works a lot as an address manager or calendar like Outlook. There are diary and planner features as well in it but Barca is very good as an email client. Barca has become versatile with its PocoMail roots which can provide flexible templates, PocoScript which is powerful scripting language and filters. It is very easy to read and compose emails. The potentially unsafe emails can be sanitized by Barca. There is easy and simple to use Bayesian spam filter in Barca.

The virtual or smart folders can not be built by using filtering engines or searches in order to track relevant emails automatically. Barca can integrate emails with its other features very effectively. The users can turn any note a to do item of any email.

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