Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is among the most cogent, protected and broadly most beneficial electronic mail platforms useable for MS Windows

Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is among the most cogent, protected and broadly most beneficial electronic mail platforms useable for MS Windows, but the user interface may call for some polishing up to construct its characteristics more approachable.


  • Pegasus Mail stands out with a countless of cogent characteristics
  • Standing, protected and concealment witting, Pegasus Mail assists you to be secure when you get online
  • Pegasus Mail lets in alright and gentle to use Bayesian junk e-mail filtering


  • A few of Pegasus Mail's numerous characteristics could be more perceptible and lighter to approach
  • The content editor is cogent, but not complete, explore might be even more bolted
  • Pegasus Mail doesn't admit virtual folders or tags that would pick up by illustration


  • Pegasus Mail negotiates more than one (multiple) POP and IMAP accounts, more than one (multiple) identities and users.
  • Extremely versatile and cogent dribbles as well as Bayesian junk e-mail filters and a few phishing scam security.
  • Distribution subscribers and email blend functionality permit comfortable mass mailing in Pegasus Mail.
  • Pegasus email allows you to preview and dribble contents immediately at a remote POP host.
  • Accompaniments TLS/SSL, has inbuilt electronic mail encoding and may crop with third party protection answers.
  • Contents may be sorted by date, thread, sender, Mail and so on
  • A cogent content editor offers up both rich hypertext markup language (HTML) and automatic apparent text formatting.
  • Pegasus Mail allows you to create conciliatory content templates for sent away answers.
  • Public folders let more than one (multiple) users to part admittance to the same contents in Pegasus Mail.
  • Pegasus Mail accompaniments Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.

If crude force is what you're searching for in an electronic mail node, Pegasus Mail merits a closer look. Pegasus Mail may not feature the most refined user interface, but its characteristics for sure fix up for that. A jolly elaborated and comprehensive assist arrangement behaves its best in facilitating you make the best of Pegasus Mail's astonishing powers, but the user interface is often unrefined and the functionality isolated.

Pegasus Mail holds among the most conciliatory dribbling and template arrangements discovered in any e-mail client, it accompanies an encoding engine for protected e-mail inbuilt and allows you assemble mailing lists and newsletters by applying email blending. A dribble wizard assists you establish patterns by illustrations in a bright style.

A considerably structured and accurate Bayesian junk e-mail filter claims maintenance of junk email, and a few explicit phishing scam security alarms you when someone attempts to guide you to an unsafe internet site.

With it’s a lot of thoughtful tweaks, Pegasus Mail may assist you to get more effective with e-mail while yet consuming a lot of playfulness just about each day. Yet fields such as electronic mail direction could be rationalized and bettered a little, with well-defined tags attached to contents rather than Pegasus Mail's link folders, for instance, or exponent search in compounding with smart virtual folders.

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