Mutt is an email client which can be used to console.


There is powerful PGP/GnuPG integration in Mutt. This program is scriptable and configurable very easily. This program has elegant and efficient design.


There is no support for HTML in Mutt. There can be problems for the users at first due to lots of options and possibilities in this program. It can take long time for users to master in all features of this program.


Multiple IMAP and POP accounts and mh, mbox, MMDF mailboxes and maildir can be managed by Mutt. There is support available for colors and international languages in Mutt and its message threading is very useful. There are keyboard shortcuts and macros available in this program to provide different controls. There full control on outgoing emails and format=flowed messages support in this program. The HTML messages have support as well as support for attachments and images very easily through external applications. There is flexible message tagging available and there are many features available with mailing list. It provides support for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux BSD/Unix.


The interface of this program is very simple and colorful. This program lacks in efficiency and elegance. You can take close look at Mutt if you want to have toolbar button and user interface because as it is console program. The users can be able to do anything by using macros as this program is highly configurable. You can set up macros as you want although it might take some time. There is powerful editor in this program which makes it efficient and its third party viewers are also very good. There support for encrypted email and this program can work fast and very well in any environment. There is support for your favorite editor as well in Mutt and this editor gives enhanced editing options.