Magellan Pro

Magellan Pro

Magellan Pro is very promising and interesting email client due to its multi lingual approach and centered database. There is still need of major improvements it in.


There is flexible access to emails offered by this program. There is strong support available for international languages which have made this program a cosmopolitan. There are built in anti spam filters available in Magellan Pro.


The HTML emails can not be sent by Magellan. There is message editor available in this program and its templates are very weak. It can provide support only for POP accounts.


The users can be able to access multiple email accounts with the help of Magellan Pro. The mails are kept in a database by this program. There are flexible views, user definable and virtual folders available in it. The junk mails can be spotted and deleted automatically by Magellan with its content based anti spam filters. It provides international language support to Unicode and MultiScript. The archived emails can be searched by this program with Sherlock. The users can reply certain email automatically with Autoresponders and selective emails can also be forwarded by Magellan Pro. It provides support for Mac OS 8/9/X.


Databases can be very good for sorting data. These databases are fast, efficient and flexible. The text files can be inefficient, inflexible and insecure and can take long time to search. Most of the emails are kept in plain text files and not in databases. This problem is overcome by Magellan Pro in which mails are kept in database. The users can define views instead of folders. You can be able to see the exact messages in these folders. The other features of this program like autoresponder are also not very bad. There is extensive international language support available in this program. The content based spam filters are also very good. Magellan Pro can provide support only for POP accounts and its editor can not support HTML. The templates in this program can not be used for replies.

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