Alpine is a strong console electronic mail program that establishes you to use electronic mail fruitfully with mechanization


Alpine email client

Alpine is a strong console electronic mail program that establishes you to use electronic mail fruitfully with mechanization.


  • Alpine is a matured, standing and full-bodied electronic mail platform
  • A lot of keyboard shortcuts and smart mechanization assist you deal electronic mail fruitfully
  • Alpine's console user interface is quick yet with immense numbers of email


  • Alpine may be a bit perplexed to fix and kinky, particularly with POP accounts
  • Alpine doesn't incorporate OpenPGP credential forthwith (just passes S/MIME on UNIX operating system)
  • You can't contain Alpine with scripts or macros.


  • Alpine allows you approach local UNIX operating scheme mail boxes in addition to as POP and IMAP electronic mail accounts.
  • A handy message editing program constitutes formatting email easy and Alpine backs Unicode for International terminologies end-to-end.
  • Alpine can filter email flexibly and, applying various grading rules, can assist you position crucial email flying.       
  • You are able to fabricate and seize several "characters" with different letter paper, guides, addresses, and so forth.
  • Alpine lets in an address book whose information may be retained an IMAP host for omnipresent approach.
  • S/MIME accompaniment grants Alpine to switch ciphered electronic mails.
  • Alpine accompaniments Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and most additional UNIX operating system versions.

Brush up

What has originated away of the pillar campus electronic mail platform - Pine - must bear its calibers.

So, Alpine is full-bodied, offbeat, compromising and speedy. It has text-only user interface which appears plain, of course, only don't allow that lead on you: Alpine goes with a comfortable menu, and single-key shortcuts do most executes promptly useable at one time you master of the thing. You can't see pictures and visualize formatting, simply Alpine does display whichever message's text body precisely (with reinforcement for Unicode) and allows you to open rich-text contents in a web browser, also.

I noticed nary an error on Alpine's default on configuration. You are able to adjust, clasp and change an approximated 894,153 choices, although - and they're just about totally on one single screen. Adding up afresh IMAP or (particularly) POP account and assembling afresh personal identity ("role" in Alpine) works in reasonably detour, as well; but it runs. In an alike manner, you are able to set up principles to adjust the message list formatting for every folder, for instance, or exercise a content template mechanically for answering to some certain contents.

If you put a little bit in having acquainted with Alpine, arranging accounts, roles and dribbles and learning the literary document, Alpine may make you really fertile: everything is virtually at your fingertips and nothing, indeed, deflects.

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