You will hardly find any weak point in PocoMail which is very nice email client. There are plenty of powerful and useful features included in this program like flexible message editing, competent spam filtering and fast search. There is email encryption provided by this program as well and this program is great with automatic organization of emails.


PocoMail has strong abilities of spam filtering, mail editing and search. The items from RSS feeds can be read very easily by using PocoMail whne you read your email. This program can be able to automate many tasks with the help of strong scripting language.


There is no support for S/MIME and OpenPGP for secure emails. There is need of improvement in IMAP support of PocoMail. There is no pre sort email in this program.


The multiple accounts of IMAP and POP, RSS feeds and Usenet news can be managed easily by PocoMail. There is search bar in this program with which you can focus on specific emails and colored labels can be used to flag mails. There are versatile filters and powerfule message templates offered in this program with great number of variables. The junk mails can be moved to special PocoMail folder automatically with the help of Adaptive Bayesian spam filtering. There is support available for multiple address book and it has remote mailbox management and bulk email features. The users can be able to craft emails and perfect replies in plain text or HTML by using powerful editor of PocoMail. The remote images and HTML messages are sanitized by this program in order to provide security and privacy. There are many small but very useful enhancements included in this program. You can be able to handle your emails very easily with the help of PocoScript which is scripting language of PocoMail. It provides support for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista.


The PocoScript which is the scripting language of the PocoMail is the killer feature and it can automate every aspect of it. You can find everything in PocoMail if you don’t take advantage of PocoScript. The standard features of this program are very useful and nifty. You can great mail experience with details in this program and it is highly usable and efficient application. It can be difficult sometimes for the users to find and configure it as there are long menus and lots of options available in this program but you can get used to it. ProcoMail can help you if you have seen spam in your computer. You can get rid of junk mails very easily by using Bayesian filtering engine which is easy to use. You can also turn off complementary rules based filters in ProcoMail which produce some false positives. This program can become more effective and efficient is there is use of automatic spam filters to organize good mails. You can be able to organize these mails by using colorful labels and search bar in ProcoMail. You can be able receive news items from RSS feed for mails from IMAP and POP accounts in the same way and it is very easy to set up multiple feeds. ProcoMail is very good in providing privacy and security protection but its interface is not powerful to common encryption standards.