Sylpheed is an astonishingly versatile Linux electronic mail client


Sylpheed is an astonishingly versatile Linux electronic mail client. Astonishingly for it has a welcoming, comfortable to consume user interface to its numerous valuable characteristics.


  • Sylpheed is a courteous and comfortable to consume electronic mail client
  • Accompaniments templates, tags and virtual folders for coordinating email
  • Sylpheed features OpenPGP encoding and TLS/SSL back up


  • Sylpheed doesn't accompaniment hypertext markup language (HTML) formatting
  • The dribbles could be more conciliatory
  • Sylpheed's content editor can't re stream text, just wraps it


  • It accesses more than one (multiple) POP, IMAP accounts, MH maildirs, in addition to news groups on Sylpheed.
  • Mechanically register contents with uncomplicated or regexp dribbles, and engineer them with color tags.
  • Sylpheed puts up conciliatory content guides for sent away answers and often sent electronic mails.
  • Whole host links accompaniment TLS/SSL protection, and email may be ciphered with PGP/MIME.
  • Sylpheed lets in a uncomplicated, but adequate enough content editor, and allows you to exercise an external editor, as well.
  • International language back up including Unicode constitutes Sylpheed a worldwide citizen.
  • Sylpheed backs up X-Face to display the face behind an electronic mail and may exhibit hypertext markup language (HTML) e-mails in apparent text.
  • Consolidation with bogofilter extends comfortable and accurate junk e-mail filtering.
  • Sylph-Searcher, a separate tool, puts up bolted database entire text search of whole of your contents.
  • Sylpheed accompaniments Linux/BSD, UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows 2000/3/XP/Vista.

Brush up

Sylpheed isn't just gets an adorable name, it as well delights with a decent and admirable user interface.

All the characteristics are wherever you anticipate them for the first time, and valuable characteristics Sylpheed has abundantly: conciliatory content templates and color tags, accompaniment for PGP encoding and TLS/SSL protection, and suitable content threading in the first place. Add up to that smart folders and consolidation with bogofilter junk e-mail filtering.

Sylph-Searcher, a individual platform, may detect whatever text in whatever Sylpheed electronic mail flying by using database driven explore.

There are also regions, still, where Sylpheed may nevertheless needs improvements. The internal content editor cannot re stream cited text right under whole conditions (Sylpheed accompaniments external editors, although) and doesn't back up hypertext markup language (HTML), for instance, and remote POP mailbox access or the power to interpret RSS feeds will be gracious.

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