GyazMail is an email program which can work directly with mail at server. Some of essential features are still missing or not fully supported.


It is user friendly program which can be used by the users fir IMAP and POP accounts very easily. The mails can be organized by flexible filters. You can work with mail at server with this program and it makes good use of Safari rendering. There is spell checker for Mac OS X and system address book in this program as well,


Spotlight is not used by GyazMail for fast email searching. The HTML can not be used in outgoing emails and its editor is not powerful as well. There is no support for secure messaging in this program natively.


The users can have access to multiple IMAP and POP email accounts with GyazMail. The incoming mails can be filtered locally or directly at server with the help of flexible rules. The contents of remote POP accounts can be displayed by this program and users can work manually on mail. Mac OS X spell checker is good feature. There is Growl through which mail is announced and keychain and address book are also good features in this program. The message templates of GyazMail are simple and mails can be threaded in a logical order. There is flexible and fast searching through which users can find custom label messages to organize them. There is support for Unicode and Webkit is used to display rich messages. There can be comfortable and precise Bayesian spam filtering due to integration with SpamSieve. GyazMail supports for return receipt with which users can be able to know when and if mails are read. It provides support for Mac OS X 10.2+.


It is user friendly program in which all basic features can be accessed and used very easily. There are flexible filters available in it with versatile search function. The spell checker of Mac OS X and address book is wonderful. The mails can be filtered and worked on directly on server with the help of GyazMail which is very useful feature. The effective junk mail filtering is made possible by integrating GayzMail with SpamSieve. The HTML formatting is suppressed if any spam is found in mail in order to protect your security and privacy. It can help you to organize your mails effectively by attaching labels to messages. The users can access some essential GyazMail functionality from AppleScripts for integration and automation with other software.  There are some other features which still missing in this program. There is no powerful message editor which can work comfortably with word wrapping functionality. This program also lacks internal support for encrypted, secure email.

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