Mailsmith, the electronic mail client by the manufacturers of BBEdit, is even as muscular and characteristic-rich as the text editor


Mailsmith emailclient

Mailsmith, the electronic mail client by the manufacturers of BBEdit, is even as muscular and characteristic-rich as the text editor.

It's a shame that Mailsmith backs up POP accounts only, and an decently authorizing - rich-text editor could be a groovy add-on, as well.


  • Mailsmith accompanies a fine and world class (plain text) content editor
  • Cogent dribbles, letter paper styles and text trimmings assist you handle email in Mailsmith
  • Mailsmith incorporates with SpamSieve as efficient junk e-mail filtering


  • Mailsmith doesn't permit the user to compose and send contents with rich hypertext markup language (HTML) formatting
  • It crops with POP accounts exclusively
  • Mailsmith doesn't accompaniment S/MIME electronic mail encoding and signing


  • Mailsmith copes with more than one (multiple) POP electronic mail accounts.
  • Contents are put in a database, providing conciliatory and bolted searching (applying steady expressions).
  • The dribbling is muscular, and Mailsmith allows you to make filters easily by existing contents.
  • Mailsmith can import contents from Mail, Pegasus Mail, Claris Emailer, Eudora and mbox files.
  • Mailsmith's extremely cogent and various content editors let in all important BBEdit characteristics.
  • Mailsmith extends guides for frequently sent contents and (scriptable) cuttings for frequently practiced text.
  • The entire application is OSA scriptable.
  • Mailsmith incorporates on PGP 8 to offer up protected electronic messaging, accompaniments TLS/SSL links.
  • Straight integrating with SpamSieve allows comfortable to use Bayesian junk e-mail dribbling in Mailsmith.
  • Mailsmith accompaniments Macintosh OS X 10.4/5/6.

Brush up

Whenever the manufacturers of BBEdit, the esteemed leader of Macintosh editors, compose an electronic mail client, something effective can be anticipated. Mailsmith is a class enactment, so, in what it performs, just its skips are distressingly visible, as well.

Of course, Mailsmith possesses a world class editor, but misses back up for rich text both while compiling and - a little further awkwardly - while displaying e-mails. Mailsmith's filtering construct is conciliatory and cogent, but reasonable and comfortable to consume, as well. Not just can filters execute scripts, but Mailsmith itself is to the full scriptable.

Additional spotlight is the various content search engine (SE) that benefits by all email being held in a record (database) and steady expression flexibleness. Mailsmith mixes SpamSieve, as well, for efficient junk email dribbling.

Unluckily, Mailsmith accompaniments POP account alone and it doesn't incorporate S/MIME electronic mail encoding besides as it does OpenPGP.

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