Pine is a nice and flexible email client with easy to use interface. It provides support with IMAP accounts and Unix environment. Its use is less on PC or for POP access.


Pine is flexible, solid and fast email client in which easy to use message editor is used. This program is quick and easy to operate.


Pine is unable to work with POP accounts effectively and OpenPGP and S/MIME email security support is also not available.


The users can be able to access POP and IMAP accounts, and local mailboxes. There is support available for SSL/TLS encryption for server connections and CRAM-MD5 or Kerberos authentication. There are simple incoming mail filters available by using procmail or other filtering utility. There is simple and well-organized address book included in Pine. The users can keep address book and settings on IMAP server with all their messages. The editor of pine is Pico which can provide support for spell checker and text rewrapping. You can be able to configure Pine as you wish as there are plenty of options available in this program. There is support available in Pine for message threading and colors in display of mailbox. There are roles offered for different mail addresses templates can be used for often used messages. It provides support for Windows 9x, XP, ME, NT, 2000, 3, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD and Unix variants.


Pine is nice email client which is highly configurable. This software can be operated very easily and quickly. This program can treat messages and attachments very easily. The users can be able to compose their emails with nice formatted plain text messages by using its editor Pico. This program lacks in power and comfort with HTML messages but incoming HTML mail can be viewed in Pine. There is Windows version of this software available for users. This program can work efficiently and effectively in Unix environment and it provides access ton POP accounts. There is no support for encrypted messages in Pine.

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