iScribe and its complimentary variant, i.Scribe, are admittedly small electronic mail program jewels


iScribe email client

InScribe and its complimentary variant, i.Scribe, are admittedly small electronic mail program jewels. They are modest, bolted, effective and really functional. Unluckily, they miss safe electronic messaging, and the IMAP back up in Scribe isn't perfect.


  • Scribe is humble, flying and graceful
  • Offers up compromising content templates, efficient Bayesian junk e-mail filtering
  • Plug-ins are also offered to elaborate Scribe's functionality


  • Complimentary i.Scribe misses dribbles and accompaniments just one e-mail account
  • IMAP isn't in full applied in Scribe, and the content editor misses force
  • Scribe does not accompaniment protected electronic mail by OpenPGP or S/MIME natively


  • Scribe (the full edition known as InScribe, the complimentary variant i.Scribe) are POP and IMAP electronic mail clients.
  • Scribe holds whole settings in its own directory and does not alter the Windows registry.
  • You are able to see and erase email at once at the POP host on Scribe.
  • A convenient search bar and color-coding of contents assist you get and form email in Scribe.
  • Applying Bayesian dribbling, Scribe routes junk email to a particular folder mechanically.
  • Scribe lets in a protected internal hypertext markup language (HTML) providing engine but can consume Internet Explorer too.
  • An uncomplicated calendar is admitted in Scribe, and you are able to share your engagements with other people.
  • Plug-ins: spelling checker, picture libraries, LDAP and TLS/SSL accompaniment.
  • The commercial variant, InScribe, adds up compromising filters and accompaniment for more than one (multiple) account.
  • Scribe accompaniments Linux and Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Brush up

Always seeking brief software gemstones? Here is one for you: Scribe, a humble, bolted and graceful electronic mail client. Despite its simplicity, Scribe allows just about everything an electronic mail client asks.

Scribe's content editor and viewer are not really cogent, but functional, and Scribe admits a secure (albeit restricted) hypertext markup language (HTML) viewer. Scribe goes with an address book, content templates and the valuable ability to preview and erase email straight at the host, as well.

Unluckily, i.Scribe - the complimentary variant - does not allow dribbling or accompaniment for multiple accounts, only the commercial edition, InScribe, does. The IMAP accompaniment needs to be bettered in both, and Scribe presently does not offer up any protected messaging (OpenPGP or S/MIME) connects.

On the positive face for both is efficient Bayesian junk e-mail filtering that paths junk email to the Spam folder. You've to call up to make it ascertain by time to time, although.

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