KMail is versatile and easy to use powerful program used for KDE Desktop Environment and it is very good Linux email client.  


There are flexible and powerful mail filters available in KMail. The email management can be done effectively by integrating secure, encrypted email using S/MIME and POP. The interface of this program is friendly, familiar and easy to use.


There is not tad editing power in KMail Message editor. The flexible message templates can not be set up with KMail. There are no internal spam filters and integration with external tools.


The multiple POP and IMAP accounts, maildir mailboxes and mbox and multiple identities can be managed by KMail. KMail has flexible and powerful mail filters and there is procmail filtering support as well. The mails can be filtered directly from server to avoid huge attachments download or spam. There is powerful message search feature in this program and mail management can be made effective with virtual folders. There is support for HTML emails and it can color quoted messages. The messages can be sorted thread as well. The unwanted mails can be sent back to sender and dead email address can also be stimulated. The address from Pegasus Mail, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape can be imported as well. It provides support for TLS/SSL and OpenPGP cryptography and there are external plug ins for S/MIME. It provides support for Linux/BSD/Unixand KDE 3.3 is required.


The email client is no exception where all applications start with ‘k’. Most of features of KMail and KDE are powerful and easy to use. The interface of KMail is very good and there are powerful filters. There is strong IMAP support and secure HTML support by integration of PGP/GnuPG. The mails are filtered directly from server in order to get rid of unwanted emails before downloading and it is very good feature. Client side is another great filtering option, the users can set up search folders and virtual folders in which all messages matching certain criteria are collected automatically. There is bit exception to hands down in approach of KMail for practical solution. There is support for HTML formatting there is no plain text editing. The users can use enteranl editor in case of plain text formatting. The message templates of KMail are very good for busy users as variables or scripting language are included in it. There is tight integration of KMail with spam filters which provides set up wizard.

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