Outlook Express

Outlook Express

Outlook Express email client

Outlook Express is a nice, friendly, and easy to use email program which is very good in providing protection for your security and privacy. This program is not very good for heavy email users because it doesn’t have tools and features.


Outlook is nice and simple program. The users can create their messages very effectively with creative stationery and Flexible HTML editing. There are great privacy and security features included in Outlook Express and it also provides support for S/MIME encryption and digital IDs.


There are no useful spam filters available in Outlook. There are no message templates in Outlook due to which it can not handle lots of emails effectively and its filters are also weak. There are limited plain text editing capabilities in Outlook Express.


The multiple accounts of IMAP, POP, Hotmail and MSN accounts are managed by Outlook. The users can be able to nice and fancy emails with the help stationery. The rich HTML emails can also be composed and received easily. It provides support for TLS/SSL encryption for server connection and S/MIME encrypted emails. It can also block downloads of remote images and it is very good in protecting your privacy. All emails are shown in secure plain text only with special feature of Outlook Express. Outlook Express can block potentially dangerous email attachments automatically. The larger amounts of emails can be handled very easily with the help of views for customization of mailbox. The simple message rules can also be created by Outlook Express for automatic incoming mail filing. It provides support for Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, 3 and XP.

Guide Review

Outlook Express is very good protecting your privacy and security as compared to programs. The users can switch to text only mode if they want to get maximum security because all harmful contents are disabled by it. The user can make balance in security with fun features of Outlook Express. There is excellent support provided by Outlook for HTML emails and HTML source can be edited very easily. The use of stationery can make your emails very attractive. Outlook is unable to compose mails with replies if you want to use your emails in your emails with text indentation and reply. It can be difficult for users to use the filtering system in this program and there are no message templates as well. There are built in spam filters but filtering can be done with the help of third party tools and plug ins. There are not many advanced features in Outlook Express therefore it can not be good for heavy email users but it is simple, fast, secure and clean email client for everybody else.

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