LCARS has standard features as well as some deficiencies. The great interface of LCARS can set LCARS mails different from other programs.


The interface of LCARS is very good and it can provide support to HTML mail. There are flexible message filters available in it.


It has an LCARS interface and provides support only for POP accounts. The messaging is not secure in it and its message editor has no or very little power.


The multiple POP email accounts can be managed by LCARS mail. It provides support for HTML messages as well as plain text and uses Outlook Express stationery. There are message filters in it with which users can delete emails and send replies automatically. The address book of LCARS Mail is simple. It is very easy to back up data and settings in it. It provides support for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.


Most of the users used Start Trek in their computers which displayed every thing is cooler and sound way. You can be able to write much more emails with the help of LCARS Mail on your computer. The interface of LCARS is great looking and its interface is quite functional as well. There are standard features included in it. It provides support for HTML and it has reasonable flexible filters. There is address book and stationery available in it as well. But there are many things which are missing. It has weak message editor and it supports only to POP accounts. It can not deal the encrypted emails. There are no labels and templates and its interface can be annoying sometimes.

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