The moving contacts between address books of Windows email programs can be made with the help of Dawn. It can help you in case if you have switched email clients and having problem in importing or exporting address books. It can retain most of additional information and groups. It can not interact with online address books with same ease.


The contexts can be imported or exported by Dawn very easily from and to many email programs. The address books can also be edited and organized in Dawn. There is wizard available in Dawn with which address book is converted from one email program to other.


There is no support for web based email accounts directly in Dawn. The address books of multiple email programs can not be kept in sync automatically.


The contacts between address books of different email programs can be converted by Dawn. It is very easy to transfer books with the help of Dawn’s wizard. The address book information can also be viewed, edit or merged in it before exporting. It can work with Outlook, Mozilla, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Eudora, Becky!, Pegasus and Opera. The plain text files, LDAP, vCard and CSV files can also be exported or imported in it. It provides support to Unicode in address book data and Windows 98/ME/2000/3/XP/Vista.


It can be fun to switch email programs in order to try something new and also to find better features in your new program as compared to old programs. The reason of switching from one program to other is obvious and it can be to get your contacts out of old program and into new program. You might need to retype all your contacts and addresses if this program is not available. It can be very easy and simple to move contacts by Dawn and it provide support to most of email programs like Outlook Express, Mozilla, Pegasus, Opera, Pine and Eudora. There are comma separated text files available for programs for which there is no direct support.

It can not work with AOL and can not talk to web based email services directly like Hotmail, Yahoo!, and Gmail and most of work can be done by CSV files. A wizard can help you through simple steps if you try to switch from one program to another program under Dawn. The users can view, open and edit address books in this program before exporting. The contacts can be collected and merged from different programs with the help of Dawn.

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