Mulberry is a cogent and unbelievably versatile electronic mail client useable for entire the popular programs.


Mulberry email client

Mulberry is a cogent and unbelievably versatile electronic mail client useable for entire the popular programs. If there is anything Mulberry misses, well its simplicity.


  • Mulberry is a brawny, versatile and full boasted electronic mail client
  • Firm protection and secrecy admitting protected electronic messaging make Mulberry a secure selection
  • Mulberry offers up text macros for effective electronic mail editing


  • Mulberry is composite and a shade hard to consume
  • You are able to explore email elastically and spare search measures, but it is whole a little perplexed and irksome
  • Mulberry doesn't go with efficient junk e-mail filtering


  • Mulberry handles more than one (multiple) POP and IMAP electronic mail accounts and local too as host-side calendars.
  • Cogent dribbles, content hunt and customized tags assist you to deal with electronic mail expeditiously in Mulberry.
  • Mulberry accompaniments contents with apparent text, rich text and hypertext markup language (HTML) formatting.
  • Text macros allow you to enter text you go for frequently promptly in Mulberry.
  • Mulberry accompaniments OpenPGP and S/MIME content encoding also as protected TLS/SSL e-mail delivery.
  • Both an uncomplicated search and a lot of measures allow you to encounter email in Mulberry.
  • Search standards may be preserved for speedy approach.
  • Mulberry to the full backs up Unicode for International electronic messaging.
  • Mulberry accompaniments Mac OS 8/9/X, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP, Linux, and Solaris.

Brush up

We reckon it should endorse all the measures (interpreting to: simply function) and accompany a muscular editor and versatile dribbles. It should allow conciliatory content guides and offer up loaded protection and secrecy ensure. Search outcomes should arise bolted and in a crucial set up, and smart folders should create progressing to the most crucial contents even more easygoing.

Mulberry hits virtually a perfect 10 in a lot of these classes. When you are able to explore accurately applying a superfluity of categories, Mulberry doesn't apply exponent searching for acceleration. Mulberry offers up convenient text macros that allow you get into frequently-applied text on a shortcut, but they are no alternate for existent templates.

Mulberry's several knock-down characteristics and particularly the eminent IMAP accompaniment are a delight to operate with, and TLS/SSL too as S/MIME and OpenPGP back up allow substantial protection. The calendar constructed into Mulberry reveals the equivalent desire for being capable to get and ensure everything, and it acts decently with a lot of host-side answers.

Unluckily, Mulberry's user interface neglects to simplify the fundamental complexness in a couple of situations. Naturally, this complexness also stands for versatility, and so there is a brief where Mulberry can't facilitate you to do with electronic mail.

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