Free Email Software for Windows

Free Email Software for Windows

If you are a staunch Windows user, here you can find the best email clients for Windows. Nowadays, email holds a strong position among other means of communication. It seemingly is the most important thing in the email life. Therefore you should approach thoroughly to the choice of a suitable email client. To your convenience we gathered a comprehensive list of email clients for Windows. You, probably, will be slightly surprised to discover that there is a great number of email clients, except of accustomed programs such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Outlook Express, the Bat!, and Eudora.

Microsoft Office Outlook provides an excellent solution of managing your messages. Office Outlook 2007 innovative features enable users to search your contacts, organize your work, and better share your working information with your friends or colleagues. If you are working in an organization or a work collective, you will be able to make use of Office Outlook functionality. It provides an easy way to share your calendar with people within your organization as well as outside of it. You can give your selected contacts direct access to all your information. Now you can use it for searching specific dates, keywords,  or other data to locate items in your email, contacts, calendar, or tasks to save valuable time.

PocoMail allows to easily manage your contacts. It allows users to automate email processing in hundreds of ways, beginning from Events and Filters to easy in usage PocoScripts. Instantly create AutoText snippets to use throughout the program, and subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds and Newsgroups to be read on demand or delivered with your email. PocoMail uses an internal HTML viewer instead of the Internet Explorer component to preview your HTML messages. PocoMail does not understand JavaScript, which is used to write email viruses.

Outlook Express - is one of the most popular e-mail programs. It comes free with all Windows and Macintosh operating systems now. It has a simple interface, and allows users to send and receive e-mail as well as newsgroup messages. Unfortunately, it is targeted for viruses a lot more than other e-mail clients. So you have to be very careful when opening e-mail messages in Outlook Express, as virus code can be executed very easily.

Pine is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages. Pine is available for Unix as well as for personal computers running a Microsoft operating system.

The Bat! is an  email program for Windows. The Bat! is supplied with its own HTML viewing mechanism called  Robin HTML Viewer. Besides, it has its own integrated image viewing application. These features protect your operating system from viruses and malicious codes. The Bat! doesn't run the scripts automatically. You are welcome to download a fully functional demo version which will operate for 30 days. After trial period, you'll have to buy a license to continue using it.

FastCheck offers a host of the functional benefits of most IMAP clients like Mozilla, Outlook Express, and others. A special features is that it tells you when you receive a new email message. It allows to handle as many folders and accounts as you wish.

Becky allow to create multiple mailboxes and several profiles for each mailbox. This is very useful if you use laptop computer. Becky allow to switch between several profile settings, like "LAN" and dial-up, for the same mailbox. It is possible to compose HTML e-mails with Becky, on conditions that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer5 or higher. A free 30 days trial is available.

Barca is powered by PocoMail. It features a powerful planner, calendar, and notes.

Eureka Email provides a built-in spam filter which removes more than 95% of your spam messages.

Dawn can convert the address book from one program's format to another.

Mail Commander is a super-fast email client for sending, receiving email messages and managing mailing lists. Features a built-in auto-reply function.

Scientific Letter is an email client that allows users to include mathematical equations into email messages.

Pimmy allows to manage an unlimited number of POP3 and IMAP4 mailboxes.

Starfish Family Mail an email client program created especially for children, teenagers, or simply inexperienced computer users.

WikMail is an innovative email client, fully compatible with HTML and email standards.

LCARS Mail is an email client with LCARS interface known from the Star Trek computer terminals.